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Posted by Lavinia Woodburn on 03/20/2016

Business Financing

Business Financing

Commercial & Business Financing


Commercial Real Estate Financing  (Land and Building)

- Higher percentage of financing

- Long term financing to purchase, build or expand existing facilities while preserving your working capital.


Equipment Financing

- Flexibility to purchase over 12 months with guaranteed terms

- Higher of financing for new or used equipment costs, with the possibility of additional financing for related expenses, such as shipping, installation and training.


Information & Communications Technology Financing

- Easy to access and affordable

- Financing with beneficial terms and conditions to purchase hardware, software, consulting services, including internet solutions to boost your online sales.


Working Capital Financing

- To complement your existing line of credit

- Flexible long-term financing to undertake projects such as boosting inventory for increased sales, technology development and exporting


Business Transition Financing

- To transfer or sell your business

- Long-term financing and invaluable expertise to help ease the transition or sale of your business


Can I get pre-qualified?

Yes.  We can get you pre-qualified for your financing.


Flexible Terms & Conditions

- Guaranteed long-term financing up to 25 years

- Progressive or seasonal repayment schedules tailored to your business cash flow

- Possibility of deferring principal payments up to 36 months

- Personal assets are not taken as collateral

- Non-Demand borrowing

- In most cases, no appraisals required up to $3 million

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