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Posted by Lavinia Woodburn on 10/26/2016

The Value of a Mortgage Broker 30 Seconds

In Canada there are generally two ways to get a mortgage;  a bank, or a licensed mortgage agent.  Working with a mortgage agent provides you with the following benefits: 

Unbiased Mortgage Advise - Independent mortgage agents work for you, not a specific bank or lender.  This means that unlike the bank, our focus is you and not the lender.  

Saves You Time - Mortgage agents follow the market trends and know which lenders are offering which mortgage products.  As mortgage professionals, we can identify the most appropriate lender for your specific circumstances and will know which mortgage products are most appropriate.

Access To Various Mortgage Products And Sources Of Funding - While banks offer the limited products from their own lending institution, mortgage agents offer mortgage products from banks, credit unions, trust companies, various other financial institutions, private lenders and more.  Mortgage Agents also work with many lenders who deal exclusively with mortgage professionals and are not accessible by the general public.

Access To Great Low Rates - As a high volume brokerage, we have access to promotional rates and unadvertised specials only available through high volume brokerages such as ourselves.

A One Application Process - You make one application and we pull your credit report once.  If you were to shop around on your own, every bank would require a new application and would then pull their copy of your credit report. Several pulls would affect your credit score which would may then affect the rate a lender can offer you. 

We Can Represent You With Your Own Bank - Having a mortgage agent represent you with your own financial institution means you benefit from the relationship we have with the bank, and can often get you a lower rate than you could get on your own.

Committed To Your Long Term Financial Success - Our focus is not only to facilitate a single mortgage transaction, but to build a trusted working relationship and help you build long term financial success over years to come.

Our team of experts look forward to helping you achieve your dream of homeownership!  For more information contact Lavinia Woodburn at 647-247-4111 or email info@MortgageQueen.ca

We look forward to speaking with you!

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